Energy healing

About Energy Healing

Shamanic energy work is the concept of working with deities and Spirit to heal and support an individual’s Soul. Above all, a shaman serves Spirit. Spirit is universal… is eternal and unchanging. Many cultures believe that it is present throughout the entire universe as the Life Force within all that exists. But Spirit is not matter. It is The Source from which all energy and consciousness arises.

Shamans deal with the soul, which we are as a true essence, a higher level of energy and consciousness, which is part of Spirit. A shaman performs soul retrievals, soul extractions, and spirit de-possessions to bring balance and wholeness and/or free the soul of all the low vibrating energies that may create illness, dis-ease, imbalance and disconnection.

Shamans are called to the path and must be discovered to be a natural born shaman, such as myself, by another shaman – their teacher, to be trained and heal themselves. The connection to Spirit is strengthened through this training so that the shaman may channel Spirit to accomplish “Great Works”. Spirit allies – spirit guides and power animals, ultimately are met and befriended to assist the shaman in this “Work”.

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