Aura Energy Reading, Find Out the Colour of Your Energy Field and Receive Channeled Messages From Spirit


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Ever wondered about what color your aura is? I can help you!

One of my gifts are reading auras. I can intuitively know what color your aura is, your current wellness (ranging critical to excellent) based on your aura, and provide you MORE than just a google off the internet. You will learn about what your main and current aura color you currently embody, what the color means, how it effects you and others, and any interpretive messages that include advice for what each color needs for guidance.

I will also channel messages that I connect from Spirit and let you know anything you’re being called to understand from the other side. Please note that aura colors are constantly changing from day to day bases, but they will usually range from 1-4 colors.



Providing a photo is necessary for me to read your energy accurately, but it doesn’t have to be your head. I can read your energy from a picture of your hand. Please ensure its behind a white background and send it me after purchase. I require your email address sent via the check out contact box so I can send you your reading!

I will send you a PDF with your energy reading within 1 to 2 weeks of purchase. I will send it you via Google drive so please also send your email along with your picture.


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