Clear Your House of Unwanted Entities




Clear Your House of Unwanted Entities, Remote Viewing House Clearance with a Professional Medium, Identify and Clear.

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This listing is for me to remote view and clear your house of any earth bound or negative entities that could be hindering you or anyone else within it.

I will take time to see who is there. Please do let me know of any Spirits you’d like to keep there. Ie mother or father who has passed as I will just support and facilitate that which needs to be moved on.

I will clear any portals to lower dimensions in your home, move on demonic, earthbound or elemental entities that may be affecting you. This could be through nightmares, electrical disturbances or negative feelings in certain spaces.

I will then shield your house for as long as you desire to keep more from entering. I will communicate with each entity to find out why they were here but inevitably get them to leave. With charm and kindness of course. ❤️

I will send you a 20 minute voicenote of doing this work. This requires a lot of energy, I often use Angelic assistance as well as other specific light beings that I work with.



Please send me your DOB and full name via message, as well as your email address.

Also if there’s anyone you would like to stock around or any portals you would like to keep open, please let know when ordering.

If you have any specific questions you would like me to answer during my channelling, please include those in the message too.

A full video will be sent via google drive. Results will be sent via email within 1 to 2 weeks.


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