Complete Spirit Release and Energetic Refresh Within 1 to 2 Weeks




Complete Spirit Release and Energetic Refresh, Remove Dark Thoughts and Clear with a Full Shamanic Depossession

When we experience a challenging or upsetting event, we hold onto the hurt in our energetic body. This can manifest in our lives as negative recurring patterns, sticky areas, challenges we don’t know how to navigate, or other areas we have a hard time navigating and releasing. Think about that thing you’d really like to change in your life. That cycle of dating jerks, the self-sabotage, the doubt. All of these have imprints that cramp our style.

Often when we are at a lower vibration we can attract other Spirits or lower vibrational entities that attach to us and share our energetic space with. They can cause distinct problems within our lives when not released and increase cyclic and damaging thought patterns.

Remember, pain doesn’t have to come from huge events. We can often miss some of our healing because we downplay our experiences. It doesn’t have to be huge to hurt. These can also be from past lives or infancy, meaning we don’t always have memories of them happening.

In this session, we will discuss these sticky areas to see what you’d like to heal and release. Then I’ll track your energetic body and find where this imprint is located. I will then clear the heavy energies and fill it with light. This is a form of spiritual alchemy as heaviness and blocks are transformed into lightness and wisdom. This session may also include cord cutting, herb sweeping, entity extraction, past life healing, or a soul retrieval, depending on your needs.

I will also ensure you have no entity attachment and use several methods to do the work to release any negative Spiritual attachment to you. I will identify the lighter and heavier Spirits around you and explain in full what I see or overcome whilst I work. 

This listing is for the 60 minute extensive session. This is not a live session but completed after booking. If you have any questions or would prefer to be live on a call, please include when booking in.

All energy work is completed within 1 to 2 weeks and an extensive voicenote and video is sent to your email with my findings and full healing session.

***By purchasing this session, you acknowledge that energy healing is not a substitute for any medical attention you may need.***


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