Shadow Work: 6 Week Course [One Payment]




What is expected from you?

During this course there are certain expectations and standards that will be asked of you.

Honour others personal information.
We are delving into our deep-set traumas and hurt, whatever personal information in shared in our group chat or our group via sessions is to be treated with the upmost confidentiality and sensitivity. It is only when we feel held in understanding and unconditional love and healing are we able to let our walls down and let our emotions flow. Let it go.

I know life happens to us all but please try your hardest to be set up and fully ready to engage in the group sessions at the allocated time. Many of us lead busy lives and it isn’t fair to hold up a group when many have children and work to do after the sessions. I would recommend getting seated with a drink and having settle in 5 minutes prior to the allocated slot so that we are all focused and ready to learn.

This course will include some work for you to do in your own time before our next group session, it is important to try your best to complete the tasks set so that people don’t fall behind, due to high demand the course will not run over its allocated 6 weeks and it isn’t fair for people to miss out or be waiting. Healing is work, the more effort you put in the better the outcome. I leave that in your hands as I will not be checking up that people have done it prior to the meeting.

Payment plans are available, however payment should be made in full prior to the course commencing.


Week 1: Recognising the Shadow

This week we will have an introduction to each other, and an introduction to shadow work, understanding the shadow and how we have hidden within it. There will be some open questions for us to understand how we have suppressed the shadow and find out what it is we want tot to achieve from the course by week 6.

Week 2: Forgiveness

This week is all about forgiveness; how do we know we have truly forgiven someone? Does it still niggle at you sometimes? We will work through different techniques of true forgiveness and letting it go with a full heart. We will learn intrinsic understanding and this week will include a significant amount of journal prompts, this week will be quite a challenging for a few of us as we openly share what we are ashamed one. This will follow on into your 1:1 sessions as we ask your specific guides for help in releasing and forgiving and find out
why this is important to your healing journey.

Week 3: Cord Cutting and Power Retrieval

This week we learn about the basic principles shamanic journeying, cord cutting and power retrieval, we will learn our specific ally for cord cutting, each will be different, we will also find our specific power retrieval ally. We will take a shamanic journey during this week. The homework for this week for the 1:1 session will be to take a shamanic journey to successfully cut cords yourself, whether that be through clairaudience, clairvoyance or clairsentience.

Week 4: Hex, Curse and Negative Energy Removal

Now that we are a clean slate, we are free with forgiveness, we can see an energetic slate, we are going to look at how we can recognise hex’s on ourselves, we can start to identify things in our life that do not belong to us, energy that is not ours and how we take on and can think of it as our own and how that can dramatically reduce our life experience.

Week 5: Spirit Possession, Saving Yourself and Those Around You

This week we will learn to identify spirit possession within our bodies, different techniques to use to tap into our bodies, how to recognise invasive thoughts from our own thoughts. How to recognise who will be around us and who we are letting in. We will do dispossessions this week in your 1:1.

Week 6: Akashic Record Work.

This week will be in depth Akashic record work and delving into past lives, looking at our past lives and learning different techniques to navigate that space safely, the prayer to open the records to gain access and a prayer to close the records – very important! I will teach you visualisation techniques to make this easier for you as well as different methods, as develop your own skills and ability to access the records. This weeks 1:1 will include a conclusion on the course, any questions you have and requests for any resources to further your individual studies.


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