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30/60 Minute Live Blind Psychic Zoom Call

This listing is for a blind psychic reading in a 30 minute or 60 minute Zoom call. Here I read you and your situation completely without you telling me anything, however I do allow specific questions that you feel you need answered on the call.

This is an evidential session and predictions will cover the both near and distant future. I will channel what you need to know at this moment and how to move forward. I will connect directly to the Spirits around you and give direct guidance and insight about what it is you’d like to know.

Additionally I will take note of any Spirits that may come through for you to advise you surrounding finances, love and your near future."

30/60 Minute Blind Evidential Mediumship Reading Zoom Call

This option is for a 30 or 60 minute Zoom session with full recording. I read you blindly and see what Spirits come though. I give direct evidence that I am speaking to your loved ones in every reading and relay their messages on to you!

I am telepathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient and have claircogniance. This means I can connect on an energetic/mental/nerve related level, to one or more people/situations at a time. I do not use any forms of divination in this reading, I channel information directly from Spirit.

If you would like to speak to someone in particular and want to filter the reading we can also do that. You can also ask specific questions to your loved ones in Spirit. Their answers will surprise and shock you! They have specific hidden knowledge on your day to day life and are often very happy to answer specific questions that may help you.

45 Minute Psychic Mediumship Training

This is a 45 minute private lesson where I cover for fundamentals of psychic mediumship, this includes:

*How to call on protection prior to doing your work.

*Methods to elevate your vibration so you can contact higher realms.

*Understanding your main Clairs that you use already and activating more.

*Techniques of meditation and shamanic journeying to meet your guides and past loved ones in Spirit.


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