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Live 30 or 60 minute Zoom call



All sessions recorded and recording sent to you via email for your personal viewing.

Here I will read the Spirits around you completely blind. I have established all my clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and give direct evidence that I am speaking to your loved one in Spirit.

I facilitate a conversation and get all the questions you need answered to help heal and move forward.

You do not have to tell me anything prior or during the call or give pictures. You only have to validate the information I give to you and ask any questions you need to your loved one.

I generally do not have problems connecting to any Spirit, so if you would like to speak to someone specially then you are free to call them forward prior to the call.

30 Minute or 60 Minute Psychic Zoom Call



Here I will read your situation in love, finance, health and spirituality blind. I will make past, present and future predictions using my clairvoyant and telepathic abilities.

I will give you supportive advice on how to move forward channeled straight from your guides. 

Zoom link sent just prior to the session and full recording of the session sent after to review in your own time.


This listing is for those who want to maintain a connection with their loved one in Spirit. 

SESSION 1: Evidential mediumship with Jasmine. Blind mediumship where Jasmine explores your relationship and unfinished business with your loved one. True evidence given to validate your belief in the afterlife and the signs your loved one is leaving you from the other side.  

SESSION 2: Spiritual counceling, Akashic record navigating and working through forgiveness. We will explore your past lives with your loved ones by opening up the Akashic records and evaluating your past lives and karmic lessons together. 

SESSION 3: Energy healing to remove all energetic blocks that may be holding you back from maintaining a strong link with your loved one. Building your own psychic and intuitive insight so you can learn to speak to your loved on in Spirit WITHOUT a medium. 

£175, or $222 USD for 3 sessions, the first to be booked below and the other 2 at a date that suits you after our first session.

This is for those who want give in on your loved ones in Spirit continually and build a developed relationship.

A private 1:1 session to discover any potentials blocks in your current reality and how to use magic and manifestation to change your thought patterns.

  • Discover how to deprogram yourself of previous thought patterns and blocks.
  • Manifestation techniques that will give you tangible results in 4 weeks.
  • Energy healing to remove any obstacles that may cause interference on the process.
  • A deeper understanding into the quantum field and how to match your desires and reality.
  • Goal setting and creating strategic affirmations to embody your new reality. 
£80 GBP for 60 mins or $100  USD. Only one session necessary for tangible results. 

Have a 30 or 60 minute conversation via Facebook messenger for £30 or £60 and receive all the messages you want and need from the Spirit world on a real time basis.

I can read your situation blind or bring a Spirit of your choice forward, you can ask questions throughout the reading and get direct validation just like on a call. You can find a suitable time and date within your region below.



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Looking for more of my readings? I offer aura and tarot readings, and many such other services such as healings, block removals, curse removals, and much more.


I have over 150 reviews, all 5* from my clients. Each and every testimonial brings me such joy to know I have reached for these people and their loved ones.

You can view all of my reviews via my Facebook page

About Jasmine

Hi! My name is Jasmine 🦋🥰 I am a clairvoyant tarot reader of over ten years experience of directly channeling spirits.

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